Hello! My name is Eric J. Cockrell.

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, website developer, and all around well rounded, marketing professional. You'll find my blog on this page, featuring articles about my areas of expertise; in both the business field, as well as the music industry. Above you'll find links to examples of my work, below you'll find more examples and further information.


Video: Marketing Ugly Fruits

When you want a big juicy piece of fruit to eat, nothing kills that craving like a disfigured fruit. Amazingly this French supermarket not only made these undesirable fruits acceptable, through ingenious marketing they turned them into a phenomenon; raising awareness for a great cause and increasing traffic and revenues for thier stores. Check out this short video. This initiative… Read more →


Video: Braidwood Parade

Last weekend my family spent part of our afternoon supporting the hospital that my wife works for, Riverside Medical Center, at a parade in Braidwood. We decided to make a video highlighting our experience in the parade and around the town of Braidwood. We’d never been there before, it was nice to get out there and explore a place we’d… Read more →


Does My Band Need SEO?

I heard a musician ask this recently and the person he was talking to went into a sales pitch about the importance of SEO to an internet marketplace.  Generally he may be right.  I work with many corporate clients whom I perform SEO work for, and they really do need it to be seen.  But in some cases it really… Read more →


Flaming Side of the Moon? Companion albums?

Silent Side of the Moon by The Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe So, in full disclosure, this article just underwent a massive rewrite, and the Flaming Lips got me with this stupid April Fools joke. Kudos, Flaming Lips, I felt like a dope. If you’re not familiar with the story, basically the group has released Flaming Side of the Moon, which… Read more →