Doc-u-mentary Physician Profile Videos

Medical Provider profile videos.
The "Doc-u-mentary" video series was created to showcase Riverside Medical Group providers' personalities and stories.  The videos would typically be between one minute and ninety seconds in length.  Upon completion the videos would be uploaded to YouTube and added to the doctor's profile on the website.  The inclusion on YouTube was part of a search engine strategy that often included the videos being uploaded to location profiles on Google as well.
Riverside Healthcare's system is spread across several campuses, a series of facilities and many specialties.  For the sake of efficiency we decided to film the videos in front of a green screen.  To keep the videos consistent we chose a general background from our main campus.
During the process the provider was interviewed for five to ten minutes.  After we left our studio I brought the footage back to the office and processed it through Adobe Premiere.  The video was cut into soundbites that were then pulled into a short story.
The process of filming the Doc-u-mentary videos was not without its challenges.  The initial mandate was that we were to film every provider in the group, but it turns out that not every provider was comfortable with speaking on video.  We had to find ways to make the process more comfortable for some.  Including using a teleprompter or even holding paper near the camera.  We also had to postpone some due to unexpected acne outbreaks.  One time we even had a doctor that could not be in any photographs or video productions without his unaccommodating lawyer's written permission.  It turned out that between reading lung scans he was a part-time model.

Before I left the project I had filmed and produced nearly fifty of the videos, and left a process in place for going forward.  The Doc-u-mentary series won a Bronze award in the 2019 Aster Awards, which recognize excellence in advertising, marketing and communications.
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