Patient Story Testimonials

One of my greatest joys while working in healthcare was getting to know some of the patients that we made the biggest impact on.  Here are four short testimonial videos that were a true pleasure to film and edit.

All of these videos were part of a campaign entitled "It Matters" and were awarded a Gold award from the 2019 Aster Awards, which recognize excellence in advertising, marketing and communications.
"Minutes & Miracles for Maddie"
Myra and Nick experienced a textbook first pregnancy and excitedly prepared for what they believed would be a routine delivery. However, even the most natural births may experience the unexpected. Learn how the round-the-clock, onsite partnership between Riverside and University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's newborn and child specialists saved the life of the Billadeaus' newborn daughter, Maddie...
“Survivors & Sisters – Facing Breast Cancer Together”
When Marlene’s routine mammogram resulted in a breast cancer diagnosis, her first thoughts turned to her little sister Donna. She urged Donna to schedule the mammogram she knew Donna had been postponing. Within weeks of one another, Donna was also diagnosed with breast cancer. The sisters faced this challenge like every other in their life. Together. With the compassionate care, expert treatment and support of the Riverside team…
"Spared The Pain. Back to Bowling & Life."
Spinal surgeries spared Pastor Julia Gaskin a lifetime sentence of debilitating pain and has allowed her to return to doing things that bring joy to her life. Learn how Julia achieved her successful outcome through the skilled hands of award-winning Neurosurgeon Dr. Juan Jimenez and the advanced treatments available only to this region through the Riverside Neurosciences Institute.
"Driving with Confidence"
Surgery can be a daunting undertaking. Making sure your doctors are connected and able to communicate directly can reduce stress.

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